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Uganda Youth Empowerment Scheme (UYES) is an NGO initiated by the Youth in 1998 manages Kawempe Teenage Centre (KTC) which is an Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Clinic and centre. Under the auspices of Kawempe Health Centre IV and the Local government of Kawempe Division, the centre is offering a comprehensive package of over 7 components of ASRH to young people for the last 10 years. KTC boasts of management by a board of directors from UYES, a core staff of 9, a community owned resource network of 45 peer educators, infrastructural capacity of 7 furnished and equipped rooms at Kawempe Health centre IV, government support with supplies and technical staff from Kawempe Health Centre IV and Association of Uganda women Medical Doctors, partnership with AMREF-Uganda, Plan Uganda, Reproductive Health Uganda among others.
KTC has been offering ASRH services to smaller targets of the population in Kawempe Division and it has been a pillar in Uganda in the scaling up of HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

Uganda Youth Empowerment Scheme (UYES) was initiated by the youth of Kawempe Division in 1998 after acquisition of skills from Association of Uganda Women Medical Doctors when implementing a five year project known as Adolescent Friendly Reproductive Health Services Project. It was registered with the NGO board in 2004.
Uganda Youth Empowerment Scheme-Kawempe Teenage centre (UYES-KTC)
P.O Box 16085 Wandegeya –Kampala
Tel: 256-0414-566820
Mob: 256-772-618035/ 256-772-500278/256-752-618035
Location: Kawempe Health Centre IV, 3.5 miles from City centre Bombo Road

Type of organisation
Uganda Youth Empowerment Scheme is a local voluntary Civil Society organisation carrying out community health activities in the urban and semi urban areas and it’s registered with the NGO board as No. 5914/4925. It also manages a static youth clinic for health service delivery.

Main aims and objectives
Uganda Youth Empowerment Scheme is a campaign for and by the young people formed in 1998 with the aim of improving the health of young people through access to reproductive health, information, services and income generating activities and empowering hard to reach vulnerable young people in the urban and semi urban areas of the country through collaboration with other partners fighting HIV/AIDS with a cognitive livelihood skills to enable them become useful citizens of Uganda.

UYES vision
The Vision is that “Ugandan Youth will take a leading role in their local communities through initiations to sustainably improve the livelihood of less privileged Urban, rural and grass root communities.
UYES mission
To guide and promote youth participation in community based development through voluntary work that enhances intercultural understanding.

UYES objectives
1. To disseminate health information and advocate for health rights for the populace and increase the sexuality and reproductive acknowledgement of young people.
To provide guidance on the availability of quality health care and to share up to date health care information with stake holders.
To enhance the socio-economic development of communities through empowerment and emancipation including information provision and dissemination.
To conduct research, meetings and provide both preventive and curative health services with the aim of improving the health care of users.
To promote an inter-country exchange program to foster social and economic cooperation for development.
Areas of Operation
UYES has areas of operation which include; Health, Consultancy, social welfare, economic empowerment, information dissemination and training.
v Provision of health services such as Examination and treatment of STDs, Health education and sensitization on Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health, (ASRH), family Planning including Emergency contraception and Malaria control.
v VCT services for HIV/AIDS.
Social Welfare
v Children, Youth, and Women welfare.
v Gender mainstreaming.
v Counselling services for individuals and groups.
v Indoors and out door games for recreational purposes.
v Carrying out research and trainings
v IEC material development
v Interpretation of the Youth, Women, and Children statutes.
v Advocacy and lobbying
v Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects
v Proposal writing
v Theatre for Development
Economic Empowerment
v Training of young people in entrepreneurship skills.
v Advocacy for micro schemes.
v Advise young people to start up income generating activities (IGAs).
Information and Training
v Peer and Parent educators training.
v Peer Education programmmes
v Health material development.
v Schools and community sensitization.
v Music Dance and Drama activities.
v Radio and Television talk shows.
v Advocacy training
v Video shows
Area of Coverage
UYES operates in Kampala, Wakiso, Kalangala and Mubende districts
Target Group
UYES targets young people (10-24 Years), NGOs, CBOs, and the community at large.

Projects carried out and Achievements
In 1998-2003 UYES with technical and material support from AUWMD implemented a five year project known as Adolescent Friendly Reproductive Health Services Project funded by Family Planning International Assistance. The project was for skills development, provision of youth friendly services to young people, prevention and treatment of STD/STIs and HIV/Aids prevention among young people in Kawempe Division. 45 peer educators were trained, 20 parent advocates were trained, and over 15000 young people were reached with information and treatment services which included VCT.
2. Kampala City Council has housed the organisation since 1998 to date at Kawempe health Centre IV and this is a local governments supports, the support included free electricity, water, drugs and technical support of medical personnel to see the young people.
Trained peer educators and parent educators for several organisations i.e. Feed the Children, Ludefo peers in 10 districts, SAFY peers, CC&RP, AMREF, KAYA, CASEDEV, and other CBO s within the community.
We have participated several times in international conferences on ASRH and presented papers here in Uganda and outside Uganda like in 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 in Tanzania, Nairobi, Nigeria and Malawi respectively.
In 2004-2006 UYES received funding from Feed the Children Uganda for implementation of HIV/Aids activities under the Global Fund Project and activities included, IEC/BCC activities for community outreach, orientation of peer group leaders and training peer group leaders to reinforce BCC/IEC activities and Advocacy for OVCs and OVC house holds..
In 2005-2006 the organisation together with AUWMD received funding from Tides Foundation on recommendation of Global Development fund to implement a project known as Adolescent Sexuality out reach Program. The fund was used to carry out activities like ; HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness, training of girl peers as role models to increase the age of early sex contact from 14 -18yrs. Limit early pregnancy and school drop outs and reproductive health for adolescents in the age group of 10- 24years.
In March 2006 we received funding for 6 month from Women of Uganda Centre for Development to carry out activities geared towards promotion of women’s rights, children’s rights and ASRH rights.
8. In 2006 the local Council of Kawempe division provided land for construction of a teenage wing at Kawempe Health Centre IV and Plan Uganda supported the organisation in 2008 to complete the teenage wing which was half way furnished by AMREF Uganda.
Family Planning Association of Uganda /RHU under the CBRH program funded by Plan Uganda provided STI drugs and money to the organisation from 2005-2008. The drugs were for treatment of STDs and the money was for Community out reach on a quarterly basis.
In August 2006-2007 we received funding for one year from Child Care and Rescue Program a Grant from Compton Foundation to integrate Emergency Contraception into Adolescents and Women’s Health services in Uganda
In 2008 we received funding from Safe Alternatives for Youth to carry on Impact Assessment of Peer education and training of Peer educators in Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health.
In 2008 the organisation received funding from Child Care and Rescue Program –Uganda a Grant from EC Afrique under the program of mainstreaming EC provision in public sector Health facilities in Uganda and carried out activities of training health service providers on issues surrounding EC, counselling, HIV/AIDS and a base line survey on EC in public sector health facilities..
In 2008 Plan International Uganda –Kawempe Program Area supported Uganda youth Empowerment Scheme to complete a youth wing at Kawempe Health Centre IV.
In 2009 Plan International Uganda –Kawempe Program Area supported Uganda youth Empowerment Scheme-Kawempe Teenage Centre to carry out Community outreaches and VCT for school going and out of school youth.
In 2009 Aids Information Center under the Young Empowered and Health program supported the organisation to carry out HIV Prevention Campaigns under the Theme of Be a Man.
All the projects carried out were aimed at improving the health of young people within our area of jurisdiction and the effect to the projects included:
Ø Increased access to youth friendly services for the young people 10-24 years and adolescent commercial sex workers through high quality outreach services arrangements, peer provided services at the youth friendly center.
Ø Specific services are provided like:-counseling and guidance, HIV/AIDS/STIS awareness, STDS prevention and treatment, drug abuse prevention and counseling, prevention of teenage pregnancy, family planning and information dissemination
Sources of funding
The organisation is majorly based on outside funding since it’s managed by young people and some are not employed and membership is almost free to most of them between 10-18 yrs and subscription is for those 18-30 yrs
The local community has been the pillar in supporting the organisation by giving it material and technical support i.e.
Ø Venues for community and school out reaches are provided by the community free of charge and local leaders in the community participate in the mobilisation of young people during community sessions at no cost.
Ø However the organisation is in partnership with other HIV/Aids organisations which makes it function with the support given to the organisation as listed below :

Organization Strength

1. The organization has been in existence for over 10 years now offering services to the young people 10 – 24 years so we have experience in the field of provision of YFS and a number of young people have been reached and recognize us and our services.
2. Skilled and trained volunteers who are willingly/ voluntarily offering friendly services to the young people both in the community and in schools.
3. The support from the community and other government and NGOs working with in Kawempe and outside Kawempe e.g. NTC, STF, YEAH, MOH, AMREF, Plan Uganda among others.
4. The relationship between the local government of Kawempe, KCC Kawempe division, the health centre and the organization.
5. Infrastructure, the organisation has a 6 roomed building with a hall which can sit 100 people. The building is fully furnished and equipped with 3 computer sets
6. Infrastructure, the organization has six roomed building with a hall which can accommodate 100 people. The building is fully equipped with three computers and other equipments like tables, chairs, enough beds etc.

Partner organisations / networks

v AUWMD-Association of Uganda Women Medical Doctors
v MOH-Ministry of Health
v Uganda AIDS Commission under the YEAH program
v FPAU/RHU-Family Planning Association of Uganda/Reproductive Health Uganda
v UYDEL- Uganda Youth Development Link
v NAYA-Network for Adolescents and Youth of Africa
v STF- Straight Talk Foundation
v CCRP- Child Care and Rescue Programme
v KCC-Kampala City Council. Kawempe Local Government
v FTCU-Feed the Children Uganda
v AMREF _ African Medical Research Foundation Uganda (Kawempe Program)
v WUCED-Women Of Uganda Centre For development
v KHC- Kawempe Health Centre
v NTC-Naguru Teenage Centre



Composition of Secretariat

1. Programme manager.
2. Centre in charge
3. Office assistant /receptionist.
4. Project coordinators
5. Accountant.
6. Nurse/counselor
7. Cleaner/office messenger.

Possessed Equipment Owned by Uyes

1. Three computers with accessories
2. One telephone line
3. Enough office Equipments
4. Three TV sets
5. Generator
6. Camera

Haji Nasser Takuba
kawempe division
po box 7010 kampala
Tel:(+256 414) 566833
mob:(+256 772) 517785

2. Charles Okure
A.g Program Manager
Plan Uganda
P.O Box 12075 Kampala- Uganda
Tel: (+256 414) 566972/3
Mob: (+256 782) 309636
Fax: (+256414) 566963

3. Martin Okello
Program Manager
AMREF_ Kawempe
P.O Box 1066 Kampala
Tel: +256-414-344579
Mob: +256 772-684711
Fax: +256 414-344565

Leaders of the Organisation

1. Dr Olive Sentumbwe Mugisa (MB Chb, M.Med. Obs. and Gynae.,PGD in Obs) M.U.K.
National Co-ordinator, Family Health and Population Desk Officer, WHO. Patron UYES/KTC
Dr. Joy Kyazike Kyeyune (MB chb, M.Demography, M.Public Health and Hygiene, PGD,
PPM) MUK,London University of Public Health.
Medical Doctor Mulago Hospital
Programme Manager
Sserumaga Mungi Stephen (BA .SWASA, UDBS, Certificates in ASRH and HIV Counselling) KIU, KCC&BS, YMCA, MOH, KCC etc...
Social Worker/ Adolescent/Youth/ Programme Coordinator:
Nagawa Shifa (Dip SWASA, Certificates in Counselling Cert in STD MGT) KCBS, AIC, TASO, MOH, FPAU, PLAN etc…
Social Worker/ Receptionist/Peer Counselor
Mayambala Isma ( Certificate in PPM, Certificates in Counselling, Sexuality Education and Trainer in Advocacy) AUWMD, NAYA, FPAU, PLAN)
Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator
Dr Jane Namatovu
Dr Hafsa Lukwata Sentongo